What is The E.P.I.C. Swag Store?

This store was built for our E.P.I.C. Representatives to provide a wide variety of apparel and specialties that they can wear and share to proudly promote their E.P.I.C. business.

 How does the store work?

In order to offer the highest-quality and widest variety of options, we've partnered with the nation's most respected print-on-demand platform. This means that every item is produced ON-DEMAND, and shipped to you directly from a U.S.-based fulfillment center.

 Can I order by phone?

Currently you can only order directly through the swag.myepiccompany.com website.

 What is the return policy?
Because every order is produced custom on-demand, there are no returns or exchanges. Please refer to the sizing guide for each item to insure you select an appropriate size. If there is a genuine problem or mistake with your order, please contact us directly at  [email protected].
 As an E.P.I.C. Representative, are my Swag purchases commissionable?

No, Purchases on this site are not commissionable.

 Is this site only for E.P.I.C. Representatives?
Anyone can purchase any of the items in this store, whether or not they are an E.P.I.C. Representative.
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